Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May Blog Hop-Yo Yo Flowers

Hi ya'll it's that time of the month again! Time for the Close To My Heart Blog Hop. I am glad you stopped by to take a look at the fabulous yo yo flower technique that we are featuring this month. If you are coming from Tonya's blog; /http://heartandsoulscrappers.blogspot.com/ then you are on the right path.

For this month's technique I chose to do what I and most scrapbookers do the majority of the time, a layout! First I chose the paper, Dotty For You paper pack from Close To My Heart which is available from me for a limited time. They stop selling this paper pack on May 31, this is a great pack, it comes with 24 double sided papers in various prints and colors and can easily be mixed and matched with other papers. I chose it because it is very bright and depicts the attitude of me being happy spring is here.

Next I decided to make my yo yo flowers. I cut out a border from the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge available only from Close To My Heart. First I made the blue and green one. I used one border to do this one. I scored the border every 1/4" and then folded it along the score lines in an accordian style. When I got to the end I took a needle and thread and stiched along the bottom but not too close to the edge. When I had finished stiching all the way across I cut the string and knotted it. I then pulled the string bringing the paper as close together as possible. I then placed some liquid glass on the end and attached the ends to each other. I then put it down with the side I wanted showing up and put a book on top to hold it in place while the ends dried. For each of the flowers I followed this exact pattern except that I used 2 of the borders and glued them together at the end. On the pink flower I used an edge punch to punch a pattern in it before scoring the paper.

After the flowers were dry I took a 1"circle punch and punched out a piece of paper I wanted to use as the center of the flower. I then used liquid glass to attach the center and placed the book on top again to let it dry. After they were dry I put a brad,button or gem in the center for extra pop.

For the layout I chose to use the smoothie chevron,sweet leaf & lagoon pattern,sweet leaf dots for the first page. I cut the paper as follows sweet leaf dot: 12x5,12x4;sweet leaf & lagoon pattern 12x3;smoothie chevron 10x4 1/4,7x3 33/4. I placed the sweet leaf dots at the top edge and bottom edge and glued them down. Then I placed the sweet leaf & lagoon pattern in the center and glued it down. I then placed the smoothie chevron paper 1/2" from the right side and the bottom an adhered the smallest piece. Then 1/2" from the right side and the top and adhere the final piece of paper. Then I adhered my photos and finally grouped my yo yo flowers clustered in the right hand corner.

For the second page I got 1 1/3" white circles from white daisy cardstock. Then I cut different pieces of paper in the dotty for you paperpack at 1 1/4" circles. I used 16 of the circles. I then glued the patteren circles to the white leaving a small border all the way around. I then cut the smoothie chevron paper beginning with cutting slightly outside the white line on the chevron pattern to make points. I then cut the paper to where it measured 12x3 1/2. I cut the yellow dots paper at 12x1 3.4 and 12x5. I gut the sweet leaf cardstock at 12x3. I first adhered the yellow dots to the bottom and top with the smaller one on the bottom. I then adhered the sweet leaf cardstock under the top yellow piece. Next I adhered the smoothie chevron under the sweet leaf cardstock overlapping the yellow dot paper on the bottom. I then randomly adhered the dots to the page. I even cut some so it looked as though they were going off the page. Be mindful of where you plan to place your photos and don't put the circles there.

That wraps up my layout instructions with the yo yo flower instuctions. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at the many uses of the yo yo flowers. If you need any of the products used in this layout you can contact me or visit my website at www.kimberlysharp.ctmh.com. Now continue on to Cherri's blog at craftwithfeeling.blogspot.com


  1. great tip on the book thing! Cute, cute, cute!

  2. i really these pages! awesome job. little T is so adorable. :)

  3. I really like the folding you did on the yo-yos! I hadn't ever thought to try it that way. Thanks for the great idea!

  4. this paper just makes me happy! cute, cute layouts

  5. WOW!!!! I love this layout -- may have to lift this!!!!

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